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How to Change Default Font in Google Sheets?

how to change default font in google sheets

When working with tight deadlines, you want to save time on every step of your work. One of the best ways to save time when working with documents and spreadsheets is to change and customize the default settings according to your preferences, e.g., changing the default font in Google Sheets. Changing the default settings will … Read more

How to Create a Sankey Diagram in Excel?

Click to learn what is a Sankey Chart, its components, and how to create a Sankey Diagram in Excel Using the Best Sankey Diagram Generators.

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets?


Google Sheets is one of the best-used tools for data management and analysis. Due to its features of sharing and team coordination, its users are increasing day by day. One of the good features which you need for data presentation is merging cells in Google Sheets. Merging cells in Google Sheets is very easy. In … Read more